Sunday, January 1, 1984

Twilight Zone

Am I here or here or here?


Kev Kondro said...

here and everywhere;)

Mouslim Combatant said...

Macs are easy to hack.

the doson said...

That is All Minds Awakening.
Anyway Life is always Easy With Me.

Easy Life comes here

DocBlog said...

SO, did they come to terms?
I am dealing with a rip-off of the MPEN- memory pen and VTOUR - Any suggestions- This started with a guy named Kurt Nelson working for profiteering glutton Invent Tech/ Davison- It gets confusing, they both stole from me-
Hope that you got DUE justice,
Shane Meadows DocBlog

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yuetsu said...

pfffft. so many poseurs. on to the real satire. namaste.